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Why study with us at Bandar College?
  • We have experienced lecturers. They are qualified, they know the stuff. More importantly, they know what it takes to make you pass. Dedicated & Responsible Lecturers.

  • We offer only the most needed ingredients for your passing. We make things simple and basic. No extra luxury and no frills. Therefore we bring our fees to the LOWEST and we make education more affordable, especially during the current bad times. Value for Money

  • We offer tutorials. These are classes where we practice exam questions with you. Yes, practice makes perfect. You need a lot of exposure. You can't just study alone because more heads are better than one. Looking at the examiner's answers at the back of the QnA does not teach you how to pass unless you know how to earn the marks and how to avoid the pitfalls. Our tutorials are meant for that. Practice makes Perfect

  • Our lecture-notes are well-designed, well-prepared, well-covered (the syllabus). We update our stuff. Yes, we update them every sitting, according to examiner's guidelines, approach and syllabus. Therefore, our course materials are exam-friendly. Remember, papers like law, taxation, accounting, auditing require updated contents ĘC outdated stuff are dangerous. Exam Friendly Course Materials

  • We offer you rebate when you pass your exam, not a huge amount though. Be an ACCA prize winner and you are looking forward to something like a RM1,000 plus free study for remaining papers. However, a "pass" will still earn you maximum RM50 rebate. Study for Free

  • Studying can be tiring. You need a break and you wish to grab some snack or drinks. Visit our Jizzle Store - a small but complete store for your common needs like food, drinks, stationery, photocopy, printing, binding, etc. Have a break @ Jizzles

  • Some classes are video-recorded. When you miss your class, request for a replay of these recorded classes. You can be rest assured that you only missed the class but not the knowledge. Check it out with your lecturer whether a class being recorded. Video Classes Replay

  • Exam nervous - it is common for students to feel anxious, stress and nervous during the exam day. Let us prepare you for your most important day, after all that is why you struggle to attend classes for a nearly 6-month period. Enroll and attend our Trial Exam Service, get an exam condition, exam format trial exam and a report of your performance. Trial Exam Service

    We listen to you, so always talk to us. We can't shut our ears, they are always opened to you.

    I welcome you to Kolej Bandar, study ACCA with us. Be a serious learner as we are serious teachers here too.

    ACCA Education has always been said to be tough, so let us shorten that "tough period" for you - by making you pass.

    From all of us @ K.Bandar
    Monday to Friday : 9.00 am - 8.00 pm
    Saturday : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
    If you intend to visit our college after the hours stated above, please be advised to call us first or SMS @ 012.3371090

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